February 7, 2019


This week on Myopia: Defend Your Childhood, we start our month watching TV with Sam Neill in the Cliff's Notes version of a classic tale Jurassic Park, I mean Merlin (1998 - The Made For TV Mini-Series). Helena Botham Carter could never play, say a banker, could she.....

Hello friends! From now until Valentine's Day, we are taking requests for movies for an upcoming Public Defender Month! Please DM, Email (myopiapodcast@gmail.com), or call and leave a VM @ (770)835-5578 and tell us the movies you would defend (or at least hear us try to explain).

Was there a disappointing sequel, precocious kid movie, Muppet, Monster, or Miscellaneous movie we missed? Let us know! This time we put your past on trial!

Please continue to rate and review us! We are on iTunesGoogle PlayStitcher, and now Spotify and could use the support; the more ratings you give the easier it is for others to find us. Also, do you follow us elsewhere? Facebook? Instagram? Twitter? Myopia? Also, for those of you who are truly film folks, I have created a Letterboxd page! Check out what episodes we have done here!

Interested in stroking my ego and seeing me live? Well, I am a member of Cineprov (or on Facebook), we riff movies like MST3K (which one of our members wrote for on Netflix) or Rifftrax. Recently, we have riffed Gamera: The Invincible, WarGames, Halloween VI: The Curse of Michael Myers, Troll 2, Rocky IV, and The Year without Santa Claus (see full list since the return in 2017 here). We perform at the Plaza Theater in Atlanta, the first Thursday of the month. February 7th, come see us as we riff on Road House!

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How will Merlin stand when we put it on trial?

Host: Nicolas
Defendant: Thomas
Panel: Matt and Daniel

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