August 29, 2019

Wild Wild West

Welcome to our 200th movie! Along the way there have been repeats and side quests, but 200 different films have graced our screens and we have settled on the oft requested and much maligned Wild Wild West! One would think the star and director of Men In Black would put together a better movie, but they would be much mistaken. Does it have a mechanical spider that is the subject of Kevin Smith's best story? Sure does! Do you see Will Smith's nakedness (yep, from behind after having sex in the town's water supply). Is it stunningly racist? Hoooooo-boy is it ever! Fun? Nope, not a bit! Here's to 200 more!

The poll for our next month is closed! We are hunting humans for sport in September! Stay tuned for more polls in the future! In October we are doing a heavy hitters month of slasher films. We have chosen Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees, but you will chose the third, watch for the poll!

A quick thanks also for those of you who came to see me perform Mega Shark Versus Giant Octopus with Cineprov. Next month on September 5th, we are riffing Robot Holocaust!

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How will Wild Wild West stand when we put it on trial?

Host: Nic Hoffmann

Panel: Daniel, Matthew, and Steve

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